Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tool #2

After visiting several blogs, I think participating in an online community can be a great resource.  I saw some great ideas for teaching English, using technology and working in special ed.  The experience can be overwhelming also.  There is so much out there and it is time consuming to try and find just the right blog with the information that you are looking for.  I guess it just takes time to build up a list that is beneficial.  I will definitely be visiting some of the blogs that I came across.  It was interesting to read some of the comments, but most of the time it seems as if they are just commenting on how they feel about the blog which doesn't really interest me.  I personally did not like commenting that much.  If I felt like I had something spectacular to share that would help someone than I would comment, otherwise I don't feel it's necessary for me to make a comment, except to compliment the blogger if I really liked what they had done.  I feel more comfortable sharing face to face.  I will visit the blog again.  It had a lot of resources for special ed teachers.

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