Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tool #8

 After watching the videos on the different devices, I have learned several things.  One thing I did not know was that you can connect the projector to the a netbook so that the student's work can be shared with the class.  Being able to project on a big screen would allow for group work with editing, or responding.  Many different things could be done with this.  

I also learned that there is a web clip that can be put on the ipod or ipad to create a short cut to an often visited page and can be added to the home page.  I was also given information on where to find apps that have been approved by the district.  This is helpful because I have looked for apps and haven't found very many good ones.  

Classroom device management needs to be clearly defined. A list of rules for handling the devices and using them needs to be discussed and clearly posted.  I use classroom managers, so I would have a couple of technology managers who I can trust to take care of the equipment be responsible for distributing and collecting.  Of course, as the teacher, I would be monitoring to make sure that the content is appropriate.

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  1. Thinking that you could also use Google Docs and have students share their writing with you. You could be in your account and display that way. OR, have students post in Edmodo and you could share the Edmodo feed. I think actually displaying the netbook might be important when students are using different web tools that you would want them to share, and/or using the webcam to Skype or Hangout with another class or expert (until you get an updated teacher device).