Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tool #3

I visited several streaming sites.  I was not able to get on Teacher Tube, which I would have really liked to check out.  You Tube has more resources than I realized and I embedded 2 videos to use with Language Arts.  I will try to use my blog more next year and do this.  

I learned that copyright laws pretty much last forever now instead of the 14 years they used to last.  Fortunately, the Fair Use laws help teachers by granting them access to different works as long as a specific lesson is being taught using the material and it doesn't have a commercial impact.

I also created a dropbox and saved some files to it.  I need to find out if it's meant just for pictures or other types of files too.  It would be a shortcut in the classroom to find information or store student files with things they are working on in class for quick access.

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